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The Audio Appraisal Reference Hi-Fi System

the audio appraisal reference system. this post will be updated to reflect future changes and kept as a historic reference to log the equipment used to create these reviews.

Dac Logo Large

Service Spotlight: Custom Cables From Designacable

a uk-based company providing a massive range of custom made audio and video cables for musicians, studio, stage, cinema and broadcast, essentially any sector of the pro audio, installation or domestic hi-fi market.


Spin Care Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine & Vinyl Accessories Reviewed

九游彩票网址the performance of the spin care leaves nothing to be desired. it leaves records gleaming both visually and sonically. at just £39.95, it’s an extraordinarily cost-effective investment for those getting started, or for those looking to clean their collection on a budget.

H880 Right Side

Edifier H880 Headphones Review

another gem from edifier. they’re more comfortable than the h850 and for sheer enjoyment are a better listen, though those looking for more accurate monitoring will want the h850.

M2scd Slv Front

Musical Fidelity M2scd CD player Review

九游彩票网址the musical fidelity m2scd partners high-quality cd mechanics with one of the best cd servo systems on the market, adds a fine dac and well-designed power supply and wraps the lot in a smart, solid enclosure.

Lp60 Overall Of Inside Base 2

Repairing an Audio-Technica AT-LP60 With a Failed Motor

a couple of years ago i tested a gpo stylo which was at the time one of the cheapest turntables available on the market. it was suggested that i repeat the test with an audio-technica at-lp60, arguably one of the best-selling budget turntables.

Dsr118w Grill

Yamaha DSR 112/115/215/118W Active PA Loudspeakers Reviewed

九游彩票网址public address loudspeakers have remained aesthetically similar for decades and truth be told they’ve never been especially lightweight or portable. technological advancements, primarily in class d amplification, have at least reduced the racks of auxiliary equipment needed to run a speaker set to virtually zero.

Sl 1200g Top View Lid Open 13

Technics SL-1200G Review & Comparison With SL-1200GR

九游彩票网址like the sp10 in the late ‘60s, the sl-1200g has raised the bar and set new performance standards that should redefine expectations for what high-end vinyl playback should be. the sl-1200g is a masterpiece. you owe it to yourself to hear one.

F301 Wal Frt 2

Fyne Audio F301 Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

when old tannoy talent regroup and launch a new name and fresh ranges designed from the ground up, there is certainly reason to get excited. if this is what the company can produce on a budget, i look forward to auditioning their more upmarket models.